Best Man Speech Template -
The "Write" Stuff For The "Right" Guy

Best man speech template and you! The right guy for the job with the "write" speech.


The groom will congratulate himself on an excellent choice in choosing you to be his best man!

The guests will applaud your simple, well prepared, effective and polished presentation.

The best man speech guideline below offers tried and tested advice. See the template applied in great free best man speeches.

(Don't forget to take a look at great advice and practical words of wisdom on wedding etiquette - it will really make it a day to remember.)



Welcome and Why Welcome the guests, introduce yourself and briefly mention why you are presenting your speech.
Interesting Introduction Introduce the groom - not everyone will know him personally. Include an interesting, but suitable fact that not everyone may know about your friend.
Briefly - Born and Background Briefly detail where the groom was born and his key family members.
Elementary Excellence Ask around and tell a great story about his elementary school experience.
Secondary Sentimentality Highlight a secondary school memory emphasizing positive traits. Remember - a funny speech should enhance his image, not detract from it.
Bold Businessman Acknowledge the groom's business success and mention any notable achievement.
Sporting Sensation Briefly mention any specific sporting interest, hobby or activity that plays a role in the groom's life.
Son-In-Law Salute Introduce the guests to the groom's "in-laws" and welcome new family.
Hopes Held High Detail your hopes and dreams for the happy couple.
Laudable Lady Pay tribute to the beautiful bride.
Tribute and Toast Propose your toast.


Best man speech template - your best man speech made easy!

Remember that this is a very special day for two very special people - may your speech make their memories even more magical.

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