High School Election Speech -
Doing It Better Together

High school election speech - aim to promise less and deliver more, then highlight the message that together, the school community can do it better!


A speech on leadership that aims to get you elected and student council speeches can be really effective when the emphasis moves from "I" to "we" - solidarity will equate to success.

A simple, sensible structure and strategy will set you on a winning streak!


Good morning,

Structure and strategy will set us apart from other schools and set us on a winning streak - because together, we can do it better!

It is really quite simple - in fact simply put, it will be our "S" strategy and plan of action.

Starting out, we need to safeguard all the time honored traditions and structures in [insert name of school]. They have stood the test of time and deserve to be upheld and handed over to the generation still to come.

[insert two or three traditions or structures that need to be upheld]

Our next step will be to shape up. Yes traditions need to be upheld and conserved, but similarly any school needs to look to the future. We need to shape up and look at introducing innovative structures and curriculum strategies within the school - trends that will ensure that our education remains cutting edge, realistic and attainable.

[insert two or three aspects that you would like to see introduced to the curriculum]

We also need to endorse the sensible selection and support of key areas in the school. At [insert name of school] our aim should be to encourage and support all the stakeholders in the school.

Everyone has an important role to play in the school and as such they deserve our support - whether it is the scholar, the sportsman, the supporter, the musician or the artist - everyone should be accorded respect, support and acceptance.

It is this support and acceptance that will lead to a cohesive solidarity within the our school and solidarity will be our script for success.

It has long been accepted that unity is strength and that together we will do it better!

So if you want a school and an education that works hard and plays straight and that will surpass mediocrity, then we need cohesive commitment and cooperation.

For a school less ordinary - we are the defining factor!

High school election speech - challenging and thought provoking - give it your best shot!

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