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Promise Less Deliver More

Student council speeches - winning words that will win your audience and get their votes!

student council speeches

Whether it is a high school election speech or a student council speech for college or university, you get one chance to create and more importantly, to leave a lasting impression.

Find the words to say it best!

Introduce yourself and make an impact; then keep their attention with your excellent speaking skill - finally nail their vote with your well structured free written speech.


Good Afternoon Everyone,

My name is [insert name] and I am in Class [insert details].

Promise less and deliver more! This is my goal for the year and one that I promise to deliver on. 

There are a number of key areas at [insert name of institution] that need focused, planned and consistent attention and intervention. Paying meaningless lip service to important issues is no longer an option. The time has come for action. 

I have identified the following three crucial issues that need concerted and immediate intervention.  

[Identify three main areas that you wish to tackle in your year on Student Council]




All of these areas demand planned action and necessitate motivated leadership to implement and deliver. This is why I am running for Student Council President. 

Promise less deliver more – together we will become the solution.  

Together, we will find the best possible solutions to the core obstacles mentioned. Under my leadership, the Student Council at [insert name of institution] will become your platform to voice your concerns, a medium to project envisioned solutions and a forum for constructive debate. 

A few of my potential resolution would be to investigate and implement the following: 

[identify three possible resolutions to the earlier problems that you identified as your campaign goals]




Through my proposed solutions, I will turn the obstacles that we encounter into stepping stones – stepping stones that will create even more opportunities for all the students at [insert name of institution]. 

Promise less – deliver more. My qualification and my previous accomplishments at [insert name of institution] already show my commitment to this goal.  

[Insert three examples where your previous actions have shown leadership and resolved concerns]




I look forward to meeting you and learning about your views, suggestions and concerns.  

“None of us is as smart as all of us” – Ken Blanchard. Together, we will deliver!

Student council speeches - a speech on leadership that'll keep the votes coming.

Best of luck - may your year on student council be all that you hope for!

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