Birthday Card Sayings - Congratulate
and Celebrate

Birthday card sayings - do you ever have enough birthday verses and birthday messages?


A lovely hand written card - appreciated by all for the extra time and effort that goes into it!

Running out of ideas for birthday phrases? After all, birthdays do come around every year - like clockwork.

Have a look at the birthday sayings below and "say what you need to say".

Here's hoping your next birthday will be just as special too.


On this your very special day,

It is my honor and privilege as I take the time to say,

I wish you a wonderful and magical Happy Birthday-

May you be happy and blessed... evermore and day by day.

Happy Birthday to a special friend -

I wish you a day filled with laughter and smiles,

And a lifetime of happiness!

Birthdays are a time to reflect and look back-

On a year well lived, memories created ,

and magical moments enjoyed.

They are also a time to look forward,

to opportunities awaiting and dreams yet to be explored.

Wishing you a bouquet of happiness and health,

and a year ahead bright with a rainbow of possibility.

We took the time and did a quick survey,

and based on our findings we have to say -

You look great in every way

Taking birthdays in your stride - definitely your forte!

Happy Birthday as you make remarkable headway...

For in our minds, forever young you will stay!

Although you may be far and away-

We're thinking of you on this, your birthday,

We miss you and wish you were nearer -

Know that we love you - each day all the more dearer!

Happy Birthday,

May the day be all that you wished for,

And the years ahead happy...for ever more.

Birthday card sayings - hope you celebrate the birthday in question with much grace, happiness and laughter shared!

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