40th Birthday Speech - Flaunting Fabulous Forties

You need a 40th birthday speech to flaunt finally being fun, fabulous and forty!

40th  birthday speech

The "big 40" - it's ok to approach it with a bit of trepidation...but only a bit... right enough of that!

Now it's time to party, celebrate and embrace a whole new decade that lies ahead.

So you're forty. Congratulations. Fantastic. Fabulous. Phenomenal!

You need a 40th birthday speech to wow your friends and family. Use our speech as a template and then ad lib a lot, or a little and put your personal stamp on  these words of wisdom.


Family and friends - it is with mixed feelings that I face being forty.

Some have come to dread the "F" word - but I say - bring it on - bring them all on!


Fantastic describes how wonderful it is to share my fortieth birthday with all of you,

Footprints, you have left in my heart as we have journeyed forward together,

Firm our friendships and family ties have always stood - 

Friction -  yes at times - but inevitably they were soon forgotten and forgiven.


And as I look back on the thirty nine years already gone,

I appreciate the happy times and the lessons I've  learned...


Frontiers to conquer and fulfill - there have been many - 

Foundations were firm and ever-present to guide and lead me,

Fiasco's and failure  - well, those somehow I found a-plenty along the way,

Flawed choices I've made - some I'll always regret and some I'll forgive.


Finally, at forty, it seems that some insight is gradually dawning...

and as I look to the future and  forward, perhaps I need to say:


Foresight, I now have to live a life far less frenetic and

Finesse when dealing with people's feelings will  do no harm - I'll strive to remember that!

Forthright and honest - it is a good path to tread while

Fostering love and fellowship -  it's an ideal  to aspire to.


Now, as I make my way through the next ten years,

Allow me to fantasize - a fabulous future - for sure!


Fifty and flirtatious and foolhardy, without a doubt I'm going to be - 

Ferrari, French Riviera, fabulous, frivolous and free -

Fortune teller-  allow me a little poetic license as I  look in my ball- I always hope to see,

Forever family and friends that surround me.


Your 40th birthday speech - images from the past, a look into the future, insights shared on lessons learned and people held dear? You're good to go!

The "F" word holds no fear - as you flaunt your fabulous forties!

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