Happy Mothers Day Messages –
Appreciated and Loved

Happy Mothers Day Messages - always appreciated and always remembered and valued.

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Happy Mothers Day Messages

It takes courage to be a mother … and patience… and boundless energy… and unfailing optimism and a selfless spirit.

It’s a willingness to accept two bundles of energy into your life. It’s taking on their inherent quirks, their triumphs and their obstacles, their lovable qualities and at times their not-so-endearing qualities – the good and the not-so-good.

Yes- it takes courage.

Courage to always be there for them as they learn to walk and talk and fall; courage to guide fledgling adults as they manoeuvre and negotiate their way into independence; courage to calm the inevitable storms and flare ups that are so rightly part of any family life; courage to calmly be there and supportive for weddings and births and Christmas celebration and wedding anniversaries and nights worrying and losses endured and a multitude of magical and trying moments in life.

It’s worrying about whether your kids have married the right people; worrying if they are happy; its foregoing experiences, financial and otherwise, to give them even more opportunities than you ever had; it’s always being there for them – quietly, unconditionally and unwaveringly.

Courage doesn’t always roar – sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day that says I’ll do this all again tomorrow – because I choose to, because this is what I signed up for- because I can make a difference, because my being there matters in their lives.

Your being in our lives - has and always will matter -  and we will always be so grateful for you Mom.

Yes – you are a mom of note. You are that quiet voice of courage in our lives.

Today and always.

Yes, Mothers are incredibly special.

But, let's not forget about those really awesome Fathers out there on their Fathers Day celebrations.

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