Christening A Baby - What A Wonderful Blessing

Christening a baby  - what an incredibly special occasion for everyone, and one that should be honored and commemorated with just the right words.

You may be looking for the perfect words of wisdom to paint on a christening banner, christening quotes for a handwritten card attached to special gifts for christening or christening speeches that mark a magical milestone.

Take a look at the christening messages below- mix and match them, add a great welcome speech, adapt them and personalize them ... until you have just the perfect congratulatory message.

There's something quite special about a new little life in this world, so take the time to show you care.


Today marks a momentous and incredibly special occasion,

the christening of [insert child's name].


We come together to dedicate his/her

life to God,

and to congratulate [insert the names of the parents] on

bringing this wonderful young life into the world.


May his/her journey through life be filled with happiness,

may his/her obstacles be few and far between,

may he/she always feel loved and secure,

and may he/she forever be held in the palm

of Your Hand.

On this, a very special day ... a Christening,

we take a moment to reflect on a special gift -

the birth and now the Christening Day of [insert the name of the child].



[Insert the name of the child],

you have already crept into all of our hearts,

your loving nature and ready smile brighten the days of all who know you,

and the joy that you have brought to your family is indescribable!


Congratulations on the Christening of [insert the name of the child] -

love, laughter, joy, faith, hope and happiness...



Today is an amazing milestone.

Today,  we come together,

 to celebrate and commemorate

[insert the name of the child]'s  Christening.


As always, we give thanks and praise for the remarkable gift of

[insert the name of the child]'s life.



We come together ,

and as a family and a community,

we will all strive to raise him/her spiritually...


May he/she continue to grow and always be nurtured

and cocooned by

love, friendship, faith and wisdom.


An incredible day we share together,

the Christening of such a very special young lady/gentlemen.


Our wish for you is that...

you days will be overwhelmingly blessed,

that your friendships will be many,

that your dreams and hopes will be within your reach,

that you will know - always...that you are loved!


Be your best for the world-

your legacy to the world,

while still largely unwritten,

is a book

that is sure to be full of promise!

Christening for baby - as occasions go - it's right up there at the top of the list.

Remember to work on a simple and dignified thank you speech - and then relax and enjoy every minute of the christening.


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