Welcome Poem - Inviting Words
Well Worth It

Welcome poem! It doesn't really matter what the occasion is - inviting words are so worth it ... encouraging and enchanting.

welcome poem

Poems are a great way of saying welcome to the family or even for religious speeches.

Oh, don't forget to include some jokes for public speaking too - humor is a perfect mood lightener.


Today is a special and memorable occasion ...

one that we will remember in the years ahead.


We would like to welcome you to [insert occasion or event] -

 May the excitement of today enthuse you,

May its enchantment surround you ,

And may the fellowship that we share,

create happy memories and smiling, magical moments.

[Insert occasion or event] ...

An incredible and important occasion!


 We would like to extend a warm welcome to you, one and all,

 grateful that we are able to come together,

 and privileged to be sharing  this wonderful experience.


It is an honor to be surrounded by so many special people ...

and to be blessed in the fellowship of this gracious occasion.

May the magical moments be many and memorable.

Words of wisdom - definitely perfect to include with a free farewell speech or a sample thank you speech.

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