Introduce Yourself -
Make an Impact

Introduce yourself with panache!

Sooner or later you will be asked to present an icebreaker introductory speech about yourself.


It may be at school, at church, in the workplace or at a team building conference.

We all know a great deal about ourselves! So sell yourself and create a positive and memorable impression.

Follow the icebreaker guidelines below to help you structure your introductory speech. The stage is all yours - insight into you ...for a positive impact and impression!



An introductory speech about yourself to your fellow students / colleagues / book club / delegates


Remember, you only have a few minutes, so you cannot tell your audience everything about yourself.

So, choose 3 or 4 main areas of your life and elaborate with a few key ideas on each of them.

Depending on your age and the composition of your audience, you may want to select a few of the categories below to include for further discussion:

  • your education and qualifications
  • your work experience
  • your family and background
  • why you are currently on this course or with this group of people
  • your future ambitions, dreams and aspirations
  • favorite hobbies
  • favorite sports
  • significant experiences
  • something that the audience may find surprising to learn about you

Practical Tip

Keep a key card and pen handy.

Jot down the 3 or 4 main categories in a mind map as sub-headings.

Flesh out the sub-headings with bulleted keywords [4-5] under each main point.

Find a quote that is significant and meaningful to your life.

Memorize it and conclude your icebreaker speech with a powerful, relevant quote that leaves the audience with insight into YOU!

Self introduction is also your key to interview success because you are starting from a baseline position where they have no experience of who you are or what you are like.

Be prepared to introduce yourself -  it will allay your fears and you'll present a great introductory speech!

Thoughtful, structured and logical - you can't go wrong!

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