Expectancy Theory Of Motivation -
The Rewards They Want

The expectancy theory of motivation - words of wisdom to encourage employee engagement  - amazingly effective employee retention tools!


Let's face it though - some of the expectancy theory jargon makes a really simple recipe for employee recognition seem overly complicated.

In this case, less is more!

Less jargon and simple explanations - we'll find-the-words and show you how employee rewards improve employee productivity.




Employees are motivated when they believe that:

  • greater effort on their part will lead to better job performance

  • better job performance will lead to better employee rewards [higher salary, promotional opportunities, company perks, shares]

Employees believe in these anticipated employees recognition, employee incentives and the job rewards because they have value to the employee.

So, employers must:

  •  identify, offer and implement relevant and desired employee incentives

This correlation between what employees want and value and the rewards offered will ultimately lead to increased employee productivity and positive gain for the company.


  • Managers must link wanted, meaningful and deserved rewards closely to performance standards achieved by the employee.

  • One way of doing this is to provide specific training to improve employees' skills and abilities to perform their jobs well.

  • If employees are well trained, they know that they will be able to perform their jobs well.

Employees are confident that they will succeed in reaching improved performance goals.

They are prepared to work hard because they want the incentives for employees on offer.

So, employees work harder and more productively because they are well trained and the company reaps the benefit of improved employee productivity.

The expectancy theory of motivation highlights the value of the importance of motivation and a free motivational speech will offer you words of wisdom to encourage and motivate your employees.

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