Example Of Eulogy Speech -
Recollections And Cherished Memories

Example of eulogy speech - recollections, cherished memories, memorable moments defined and friendships remembered.

example of eulogy speech

Special memories, magical moments, a sense of loss ... all of these feelings envelop you in times of quiet.

It is in these sad but poignant moments that you'll recall and reflect on the sense of loss that you feel and remember the wonderful person that you will always miss.

Whether it's a eulogy for a friend or free sample eulogies adapted from a template - allow yourself to feel your loss and then speak from your heart.


A special friend, a remarkable colleague, a cherished family member and amazingly special person, [insert name], is no longer here with us.

We are sad, incredibly sad - and we are all enveloped by a deep, all consuming and prevailing sense of loss.

When I was asked to speak today, I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it - the sadness and loss seemed all consuming.

But a sense of comfort has come to me over the last few days - comfort that has cocooned me - comfort that I have been privileged to receive from all of you.

I have been amazed and touched and quietly comforted by your words. So many of you have made contact with us and during these times.

You have all shared your special and wonderful recollection of [insert name] with us.

And this is what we heard, time and again - slight variations, but always the same:

"[insert name] was a true and loyal friend"

"He / she lived life to the full"

"He / she lived their life by example. [Insert name], never told anyone how to live. He / she lived and let us watch him / her do it ... quietly leading by example.'

"The cornerstone of our family - loved, honored, respected"

"Always there when you needed a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a confidante, a pillar of strength and someone to laugh with!"

And it these words that have brought us all so much comfort.

It is your words that have slowly and tentatively allowed the smiles to break through our tears and the laughter to quietly surface and walk side by side next to the sadness.

And in the quiet of the night, in the remembered curve of his / her face and smile ... how I will remember [insert name]?

I will remember [insert name] with much love.

I will remember [insert name] with gratitude because he / she touched my life.

I will remember [insert name] ... always.

We will always feel your loss.

But we will laugh again and smile again ... because you lived ... because we shared your life with you ... because you touched us, one and all, in such a uniquely special and tangible way.

Example of eulogy speech - recollections, tributes and words of comfort for sympathy.

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