Free Sample Eulogies -
Sensitive Suggestions

Free sample eulogies to structure a compassionate and empathetic eulogy.

free sample eulogies

Most eulogies tend to follow a similar framework.

You are saying goodbye to a special person in your life and acknowledging the enormous impact that they had in so many peoples' lives.

Use the template guidelines below and then include the personal, individual and really touching moments to pay tribute to a remarkable person.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Walking Beside Us...Always

[Insert name], shared our lives for many years and we will always hold his/her memory as a keepsake in our heart.

As we look back at the yesterdays that we shared with you - we remember with gratitude; we remember with a saddened yet happy heart.

We remember you for:

[insert three or four personalized memories that you hold dear]

We will always look back on our time with you and we will always think of you with love, friendship, courage and admiration!

And today as we sit in the silence, we feel you still, ever near.

As we sit here, we miss you - but not with a burdened heart and a bowed head.

We miss you for the laughter we shared; we miss you for friendships forged; we miss you in the defiant moments when you stood your ground - resolute in your faith and purpose...and we miss you, each of us in our own personal ways, for all the special intangible ways that your touched our hearts - ways that cannot be defined by words.

Memories of you mold easily to our hearts - familiar, comforting...part of us!

[insert three or four personalized memories that you hold dear]

[insert name] - you have taken the last step on your journey home and although you may be will never be forgotten.

In the tomorrows still to come you will walk beside us in the sunshine and the rain; we will speak your name often...and we will close our eyes and smile...because you lived!

Free sample eulogies - we hope they are of value in this difficult time. May you continue to smile...because they lived.

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