Church Welcome Speech -
Welcoming Everyone With A Smile

A church welcome speech - inviting, encouraging and gracious - just as it should be!


Your welcome speech to church events ... a fantastic opportunity to put everyone at ease and to create an amazing spiritual atmosphere for worship and fellowship.

Religious welcome speeches will help you to find the right welcoming words of wisdom.


Good morning and a warm word of welcome to everyone who has been able to join us this morning.

What an amazing day and what a fantastic opportunity for us all to come together to share in fellowship and praise.

We welcome you one and all ... with open arms, a smile and fellowship - just as we welcome every morning with a smile.

May we look upon this special occasion today and welcome every other new day, as yet another special gift from our Lord and Creator. May we see today as yet another wonderful opportunity to draw ever closer to His Grace and His Light.

Psalm 119 : 105 says, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." May God's virtue surround us all in his Light. His Word lights our paths and guides us as He illuminates our way.

Thank you for sharing today with us - we hope that the fellowship and love that you experience here today with us will continue to echo in your lives in the days and years that lie ahead.

A church welcome speech - warm and inviting as a welcome speech address should be.

Did we help you find just the right welcoming words? We're sure you will present a wonderful welcome speech!

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