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Birthday phrases - share them and brighten someone's special birthday - magically, unequivocally and positively!

birthday phrases

Right, so you're looking for a great birthday message? You know what you'd like to say but can't find the right words?

We'd love to share some fantastic birthday card sayings - go on take your pick!

May your words bring a smile to the recipient's face - so well worth it!


Sincere congratulations to you this special day -

May your birthday be radiant and happy in every way.

May the love and laughter that you share today,

Continue through life with each passing day,

Uplifting and enveloping you as you spread happiness along the way.

Happy Birthday on your special day!

I love you...

I wish you all the best...

I feel so blessed to be part of your life...

Hope the year ahead is amazing!

Happy Birthday...

You deserve a day as special as you are!

For your kindness and caring,

For your fellowship and generous sharing...

I wish you the most amazingly perfect day

Know that you are appreciated and valued in every way!

Happy Birthday...

May your magical day

bring you

All that you wish for!

You are admired and adored,

Your irrepressible good nature brightens so many lives...

May today be sunbeams and butterflies and rainbows of love...

As we wish you carefree celebrations full of laughter and friendship.

Happy Birthday!

On this your birthday...

May you laugh like a child,

May you hope with no bounds,

May you smile with family and friends,

May you love with all your heart...

May your tomorrows be moonlight and moonbeams...

And may your dreams be stars within your reach!

As "Happy Birthdays" echo and reverberate all around you...

Wrap yourself in warm wishes and love expressed,

Reflect on how much you are valued and appreciated,

And allow our best wishes to surround and shelter you in the days ahead.

Birthday phrases - words of wisdom and birthday wishes to express you congratulations and for Happy Birthday celebrations!

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