No Obstacle Too Great –
Embrace And Conquer

No obstacle too great – it may take time; it may take a detour; it may take a mind -set change.

Perhaps that is what is needed. In the ebb and flow of life, maybe it is just a different perspective?

No Obstacle Too Great

 Sitting on the beach, sea sand scratching, sun shine warming and all the while mesmerizing waves in the sea of life are building, cresting, sand castle destroying; towel soaking and  … finally diminishing into nothingness as they are absorbed by the sands of life.

We’ve all been there.

Waves of life moving relentlessly forward, one after another. Legionnaires of obstacles with their onslaughts to conquer our hopes and dreams and aspirations.  You see them building; you see them gaining momentum; climaxing crests poised to roll down and dash your dreams. Fearsome, negative, daunting and seemingly beyond all hopes of overcoming.

So you stay there. Sitting.

Safe on the beach. Watching from a distance.

Not for you to venture too far; too close to those waves of life. After all, what’s a few sand castles dissolved; what’s a few soaked towels. You can rebuild your sand castle, the sun will evaporate your disappointment soaked towel and you can start again, sitting there is the same place, doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome.

Passing that elusive exam; a relationship solid and grounded; work environment fulfilling and challenging; being your best for the world; finding equilibrium and quiet in a world unbalanced, callous and unrelenting.

Or you can get up. You’ve spent time watching. You know the tides and ebbs of life. You’ve assessed the currents and their risks.

Now’s the time to run, not with reckless abandonment, but purposefully forward into the sea of life.

Arms flung up embracing; cold foam inviting, refreshingly compelling you forward. You dive under a couple of waves – no problem. You break through the froth buoyant and jubilant. You get dumped by a huge unexpected, unforeseen wall of rushing water.

You force your way up, through the torrent of life, rub sand and seaweed from eye burning and clear your vision. You remain focussed. You keep going. Dive under; dive over; get flattened; keep going…

And finally you get where you want to be.

A near-to-prefect wave forms.  This is what you’ve been waiting for. Not perfection, just an opportunity waiting to be claimed.

Anticipation heightens, adrenaline swirls around you, within you. Poised you swim frantically ready to harness the incredible potential that is yours to seize and then you’re soaring on  torrent  of water, gaining momentum as you move ever closer to  a dream achieved, a challenge conquered and a mind opened to possibility.

Yes, there’s a time to sit on the beach and watch and savour its  warming familiarity. But there is equally a time to swim with judicious abandonment.

Yes … it’s a journey …enjoy the ride!

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