Graduation Wishes - Fantastic,
Well Done, What A Star

Graduation wishes - free words of wisdom and congratulations on a very special day.

graduation wishes

It's been a long journey and finally a magical milestone has been reached ... graduation day.

A beautifully handwritten graduation message that acknowledges and celebrates is sure to be appreciated and remembered.

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Today we honor and celebrate your remarkable achievement with you,

You have worked hard and surmounted many challenges.

Obstacles were overcome;

Goals and objective were achieved ;

And now your future awaits you ...

As your Graduation Day comes to pass.

Congratulations - you can feel incredibly proud of your achievement

You have risen to the challenge;

You have set the bar for others to emulate;

You have worked hard and played straight ...

A role model to many

And as friend and confidant ...

We pay tribute to your steadfast diligence and discipline,

As we celebrate your graduation day with you.

Take a moment to reflect and to look back;

On the journey that lead to your graduation day ...

There may have been moments when it all seemed rather daunting;

There may have been times when it all seemed impossible -

But you stood your ground;

You held firm in your commitment;

And you achieved all the challenges that you set yourself!

Well done on your graduation ...

May the years ahead continue to be as significant and meaningful.

Graduation wishes - may your future go from strength to strength!

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