Words of Comfort for Sympathy -
Show You Care

Words of comfort for sympathy are always appreciated and much needed.

words of comfort for sympathy

Your thoughtful, motivational words will mean so much to your family, friends, colleagues or even acquaintances.

Too often we may shy away from offering words of sympathy or funeral speeches - we are never quite sure what to say, or how to say it and as a result - sometimes we just don't say it! But we need to!

Your words of empathy have immeasurable value - they show you care, they offer your support and they encourage. This is a time when your words of wisdom are the most needed.


Dear ___________________ ,

We are so sorry to hear about [insert details here].

It's so hard to know what to say at times like this. Words somehow seem so inadequate and ineffectual considering what you must be going through.

All we can say is that we care about you and our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of need.

We know the immense strength of character that you have. We have seen your courage and determination time and again in your life and we've seen you face adversity head-on. We also know, that while it will be really, really tough and a huge emotional and physical roller coaster - you will [fight this / work through this], as you always have.

If you need us for anything - anytime -we'll be there at a moment's notice.

All our love,

_______________________ ,

Words of comfort show you care. Write from your heart - that's all that is needed.

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