Speech Introduction -
How to Get it "Write"

A polished speech introduction is within your reach. Have you been approached to introduce a speaker? Not sure exactly what to do? No problem!

speech introduction

How to introduce a speaker is not always general knowledge - but with a few guidelines, tips and techniques, you'll get it spot on.

Not only will you become more comfortable with introduction speeches, but you will have developed a valuable life skill.

Happy introductions - you'll get it just "write"!


WHO - If you have been asked to introduce the guest speaker, remember to introduce yourself first.  Give your name, surname and your title or position within the organization. Guard against assuming that everyone knows who you are.

WHY - A effective and well-structured introduction sets the tone and focuses the audiences' attention - it is their cue to settle down. It also has the added benefit of whetting the audiences' appetite. Aim to keep your introduction short and to the point - don't encroach on the speaker's time or content.

WHAT - A meaningful introduction will tell the audience who the speaker is, why they will be listening to the speaker's address and what the speaker will be talking about in their presentation. Remember, don't be tempted to "steal their thunder".

WHEN - Check with the speaker first. Are they ready, have they set up and tested all visual aids and are there any last minute glitches to sort out? Always make sure that there is a carafe of water and a glass on the podium. Make your way to the podium, pause for a while as the audience settles and  present your introduction. As nerve-racking as it may be - don't rush to your seat. Wait at the podium, lead the applause and shake the guest speaker's hand.

HOW - Ask your guest speaker for a brief outline of their curriculum vitae to use as the "research" for your speech. Find out the exact pronunciation of the speaker's name and surname. Determine their position and title. Highlight the salient points that make them a knowledgeable speaker. Be positive and encouraging.



Speech introduction applied? It can be helpful to see "How to Speeches" in action and sample introductory speeches will offer you that insight.

You will present a great introductory speech - best of luck.


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