Most Beautiful Place Ever –
It’s Right Here

Most beautiful place ever – a leadership speech challenging you to find beauty within and around you.

Some times for a motivation speech,  you may need to look a little closer to home.

Most Beautiful Place Ever

It’s human nature to seemingly be on an endless quest to find the most beautiful places around the world.  It’s a yearning to find the next perfect, eye widening, breath forgoing moment. It’s a heart and mind and soul in pursuit of that ever evasive magical experience.  It’s an intellectual obstacle course as you weigh up of pros and cons of the next ambitious rung to climb on the corporate ladder!

 And at times, this is exactly as it should be.

But then there are those other times.

Those times when the beauty of the moment sneaks up on you unawares, quietly and unassumingly. 

It’s a father’s arm swung across the shoulder of his son as they walk along a golf fairway, shoulders straining under the weight of their golf bags, yet unburdened as they share companionable moments.

It’s friends brought together by the warmth of a blazing fire, mesmerized by the embers, cocooned by nature’s lullaby of crickets and enveloped by the good natured banter forged by the intertwining journeys of the lives – the highs of love; the celebration of baby’s cries; a problem shared over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a shoulder to lean on during the sad goodbyes.

It’s the laughter bubbling, arm grabbing, attention demanded chatting of a mother and a daughter shopping together, delighted to have squirreled out the all elusive bargain, punctuated by sighs and clothes held to lit up flashing green eyes.

And it’s the expectant, warm, heart-melting eyes, transformed by a leash and the prospect of a walk below trees crying autumn leaves, as a dog bounds happily.

Those moments are everywhere, and every day, and at times too often cloaked in a mantle of routine and familiarity that they are overlooked and unappreciated for the truly incredible moments that they are.

It takes a special person to appreciate their beauty. It takes a grateful heart and openness to seeing all the beauty in the world.

We know these people. We have all met these people. We want to be these people.

Some people look for a beautiful place … others make a place beautiful.

Most beautiful place ever? Where you are … as you make a place beautiful!

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