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Good Evening,

Members of the Board [add personalized details here]

Members of the Parent's Association [add personalized names and details here]

Special dignitaries and invited guests [add names of invited guests here]

Teachers, Parents ...

And, of course all our incredibly special young Ladies and Gentlemen from [insert name of school].


This evening is a special occasion in so many ways and we feel exceptionally blessed and fortunate to be able to share our Middle School Graduation with all of you.

There is saying: “A word once flown, is swifter than any horse … and it cannot be recalled.”

Now, for all our young pupils here tonight, what this means, is that you should be careful about what you say to each other; and about each other.

If you say something (and sometimes, perhaps, it may not always be very nice), it moves out into the world, amongst your friends and your family very quickly – and once it’s been said … you cannot take it back.

It reminds me of some really good advice from a young boy, about what to say … and what not to say.

He said: “When your Dad is really mad at you and he asks you, “Do I look stupid?” – DON’T answer him!

A prize giving is by its very nature filled with words – and these words of thanks, words of congratulations, words of appreciation and words of respect really need to be said.

They are words that we can all be extremely proud of, words that will build our [insert name of school] community and words that should “fly swifter than any horse” – words that should never need to be recalled.

Now, at a School like ours, we have so many wonderful stakeholders, and right there on the top of the list, we have you, Boys and Girls – and believe me, if there is one thing that you have a lot of – it’s words!

So, I decided to chat to you and to ask you what it is, that makes [insert name of school] so special?

Why are the teachers so amazing and what do you really love about our School?

And of course – you did us proud and there was no shortage of words!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to share with you just some of the positive and affirming views that your sons and daughters felt exemplified [insert name of school]:

·       nice things about teachers

·         nice things about friends

·         nice things about facilities

·         nice things about secretaries

·         nice things about After Care

·         nice things about Sport

·         nice things about Music

·         nice things about learning

-         nice things about Art

Well, there you have it – and I reckon that our young boys and girls certainly know a thing or two!

Their words are the words that we need to hear;

-these are the words that we need to acknowledge;

-these are the words that we should continue to strive to pursue;

-and these are the words that each and everyone present here tonight should feel incredibly proud of ….

They are reflections on the years that have past, but equally so, anticipation and continued vision for the years that lie ahead.

May these words spread swifter than any horse; because we are so proud of them and they never need to be recalled!

Thank you.

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