Good Day Messages – Just Do It Today

Good day messages – yes, there are those special days that so rightly deserve to be ranked right up there as good days and great days and magical days of celebration – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, christenings, anniversaries and happy birthdays.

But then … there are those other days … like today!

Good Day Messages

It’s a good day - to have a good day.

Today. Right now.

The alarm buzzer may very well have shocked you awake a little too soon. And your toes that reached for the cold floor may have recoiled somewhat in icy anticipation. And the face that stared back at you all bleary eyed from the bathroom mirror may not have inspired a huge amount of confidence in you that today is a good day to have a good day.

Yet, despite a rather lukewarm beginning, it really is a good day to have a good day. You have just got to get out there and do it.

So make your way to the kitchen, or your favorite Java Café, and breathe in the aroma of freshly ground coffee as you anticipate a great coffee to kick start what may just be an amazing day.

A while later and you’re not so sure anymore.

A good day to have a good day? Really?

Traffic snarling; horns blasting; a cacophony of noise in a sea of frowning faces as they inch their way to yet another tedious day at the office; yet another school run; yet another disruptive and potentially imploding day – one of the many, many days still to come – same pace, same patterns and same little tensions sent to try us.

Well, yes!

Despite all of this it is still not too late to have a great day.

Life is never going to be perfect. Everything in not going to miraculously align perfectly. The traffic is never going to be a breeze. Relationship will always need work and an inevitable crisis will come crashing into our life when you least expect it.

But it’s never too late to have a good day.

Our days are not infinite.

They need to be appreciated for the truly remarkable opportunities that they really are. Experiences and magical moments and beautiful memories surround us on a daily basis - right within our reach.

Yes, it may take a slight shift in perspective; it make take a willingness and conscious effort to look for them; it may even take a few stern words with yourself to pull yourself together and to be grateful for all the seemingly insignificant and amazing events that happen every day.

And while there may be moments or hours or even huge chunks of your day when you feel frazzled and tense and ready to quietly implode … just remember – it’s still a good day - to have a good day.

Right now!

Chin up; eyes searching for opportunities for optimism; a face that’s ready to smile and a heart that’s open to the potential of an even better day to come.

It sounds overly simplistic and in reality it probably is. But it’s still a better alternative to focussing on day that is spiralling ever further downwards and out of control.

You can minimize the downward trajectory. You may even be able to maintain the status quo, but let’s hope that on most days, you are able to turn a somewhat lukewarm day into a great day!

As with most things in life, the choice generally lies within our grasp and control.

So, here’s to fewer lukewarm days … and the sunrise of so many, many more good days.


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