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Wishing You Well

Get well sentiments, a great magazine to read and a special treat are all tried and tested get well springboards to better health.

get well sentiments

There is something quite comforting when you are not feeling well to know that someone is thinking of you and wishing you well.

Pop round with a small bunch of flowers, a good book, a homemade meal and a get well poem - you'll so appreciate the smile you bring and spirits you lift.


I've been told that you need some down time,

and that it has not been your very best show time,

but have heart my friend,

your rather grim days are sure to end,

take it one day at a time,

get lots of rest and relaxation in the meantime

you'll soon feel just fine

and then it'll be our party time.

Today since you are feeling unwell,

stay in bed and ignore the doorbell,

you have our permission to waive the work bell

and hibernate in bed till you feel real swell ...

So, in a nutshell

we are wishing you well

and hope your ill health lasts only a short spell.

We are so sorry to hear

that you're looking a rather sad sight,

but we know,

that in a short while you're going to feel quite right,

take it easy

and put up a good fight,

because we miss you around here,

always cheerful and bright.

We really are very happy to hear,

that you've been feeling a lot better

and are full of good cheer,

may your days get better and brighter,

may your poor health completely disappear,

enjoy the rest,

and shut out all the clatter,

feel better soon,

our message to you,

hope you get it ,

loud and clear.

Your get well sentiments will soon have the patient feeling brighter and more cheerful.

Don't ever underestimate the value the inherent value of a kind word and shoulder to lean on.

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