Effective Team Communication Skills - Taking Speech Preparation One Step Further

Effective team communication skills include body language, eye-contact, and physiological factors.

effective team communication skills

Don't forget to make time in your speech preparation for these important factors - they can make the difference between a good speech and a speech that the audience will never forget!



Meaningful body language will support the verbal message of your speech. As a result, you should consider which movements will enhance your message and which will detract from your message.

Try and eliminate disrupting mannerisms as far as possible. Consider if you have any of the mannerisms  below - then practice your speech and try and minimize them completely.

Swaying from side to side continuously or sporadically?

Swaying from heel to toe and back again?

Crossing your legs - too suggestive of needing the cloakroom?

Licking your lips nervously?

Pacing up and down or left and right?

Flicking your fringe out of your face or twirling strands of hair?

Other nervous gestures that may reveal your tension?


Your ability to use eye contact effectively has the potential to be one of your greatest assets. Your eyes convey emotion. You can use your eyes to control, hold and even manipulate your audience. Eye contact allows you to get a sense of the audience's response to your speech and you can thus adjust your oratory skills accordingly.

Look at individual members of the audience - don't look at the walls or the ceiling.

Pinpoint specific people and communicate directly - don't gaze at your audience in a misty, general way.

Learn your speech and speak to your audience - being too note-bound affects your eye contact negatively.

Practice, practice, practice - you will soon feel at ease.


Your appearance is always important. No matter what you do, an attractive appearance is an asset.

It doesn't mean that you have to look like a movie star. It simply means that you have to spend time making yourself look presentable.

Your hair should be neat, clothes clean and neatly pressed and your shoes should be polished and in a good condition.

Dress appropriately and be mindful of any dress codes that are considered respectful in terms of religion and tradition.


Our tips on public speaking will give you even more super guidelines so that you can present your speech with apparently effortless ease - go on - take a look!

Remember that effective team communication will culminate in effective team building - a must for any institution.

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