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You are a public speaker.

You present speeches almost every day of your life in your own unique way

You may speak formally to a large audience or informally at a meeting or social gathering.

Either way, first impressions count.

Create an impression that is credible, memorable and professional.


"Find The Words - How To Say It Best"

 Maximize Your Public Speaking Potential!

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Your time is valuable.

Is today's frenetic pace of life constantly encroaching on your ever dwindling time?

Are committed to improving your public speaking and general presentation skills?

Do you never seem to have the luxury of enough time or internet cap to fully explore www.find-the-words.com for free written speeches and invaluable public speaking tips?

Do you find it difficult to find just the right words to "say it best"?

Then "Find The Words - How To Say It Best" is the ebook for you!

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you may just be feeling like so many of my other visitors and readers!

I have been (and continue to be), inundated with requests from so many www.find-the-words.com visitors for ebooks. They just don't have the time to take full advantage of my website.

(Well, there are over 175 pages of speeches and tips and techniques!)

I am proud to introduce "Find The Words - How To Say It Best".

Our first 64 page ebook that can simply be downloaded from a pdf file and then saved on to your computer indefinitely.

All you need is Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and a few minutes download time - and you'll have a permanent ready-to-use reference tool for the whole family whenever you need it.

 "Find The Words - How To Say It Best" consolidates:

  • practical and effective public speaking techniques
  • tips and guidelines to enhance effective communication skills
  • templates for introducing  yourself and other speakers
  • free written welcome speeches and speech templates to adapt and personalize -  setting the tone for your speech presentation
  • free sample thank you speeches and universal generic templates - ending your speech presentation off on a memorable note

Take a look at the Table of Contents for more details:

Part One - Speaking Skills

Chapter 1    Public Speaking An Indispensable Skill

Chapter 2    Introduce yourself Make An Impact

Chapter 3    Effective non-Verbal communication

Chapter 4    Preparing and Presenting A Toast

Chapter 5    Guidelines For Incorporating Humor

Chapter 6    Jokes And Public Speaking

Chapter 7    Public Speaking Evaluation Forms

Chapter 8    Forearmed and Forewarned

Chapter 9    Effective Speech Preparation

Chapter 10  Speech Introductions Get It Right

Chapter 11  Types of Speeches Making It Simpler   

Chapter 12  Introductory Speech Template

Part Two - Words Of Welcome

Chapter 13  Welcoming Wizard Whiz     

Chapter 14  Welcome Speech Template   

Chapter 15  Religious Welcome Speech   

Chapter 16  Church Welcome Speech   

Chapter 17  Welcome Extended And Embraced  

Chapter 18  Welcome To The Party   

Chapter 19  Welcoming Teaching Words   

Chapter 20  A Welcome Poem   

Chapter 21  Welcome To A New Year   

Chapter 22  Welcome To The Family 

Part Three - Words Of Thanks

Chapter 23  Universal Thank You Speech   

Chapter 24  Poems To Personalize And Adapt 

Chapter 25  Quotes To Say Thank You 

Chapter 26  Thank You Card Poems 

Chapter 27  Thank You In Spanish 

Chapter 28  Thank You After Interview

Chapter 29  Thank You Pastor 

Chapter 30  Thank You Teachers 

Chapter 31  Thank You For The Gift 

If you decide that the ebook is not what you need, then you have my guarantee, backed by ClickBank, the online distributor, that you will receive your money back, if you ask within 8 weeks.

You are of course more than welcome to contact me for any further comments, requests or suggestions.

Best of luck for any future speaking presentations.

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