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One thing in life is sure - you will be asked to present speeches.

All those words, how do I say it best, which words will make the best speech, how do I present a speech and make a good impression?

 I just don’t have the time. I really need an excellent free speech right now!  

We will help you find beautiful words, kind words, key words, motivational words, words of comfort for sympathy  and even romantic words of love!

So often we are judged in a fleeting instant by what we say in wedding speeches, eulogies or motivation speeches and by what we write in letters or thank you notes.

You have that one chance to create the best impression – you must use words of wisdom and present your very best speech!  

Our free speeches are your gateway to effective and meaningful communication.

As you explore the site you will have the opportunity to find motivation stories, quotes on motivation and even funny motivation posters.

Motivation can be very specific – so if you are looking for words on motivation for athletes or even motivation for dieting, then we will give you unique free written speech templates and samples.

(PS - free written speeches ... helping you to be saving-wise with money saving tips for frugal living.)

Have you ever been asked to present wedding toasts, wedding readings, a best man speech, a bridal shower poem or even just a cute quote? We will give you free speeches and ideas. We will also include a list of best man duties and wedding favors.

Happy, celebratory words – find them here! Free anniversary love poems, poems for 25th wedding anniversary, a 50 anniversary poem and even a church anniversary poem. Words of wisdom say it best!

It is difficult to express comforting words and words of sympathy with empathy and sincerity.

In the time of bereavement, no one wants to think of writing a eulogy for mom or to even think about a funeral verse or a funeral reading.

You need time to grieve and comfort loved ones- we hope the funeral speeches will make things a little easier for you?

An informative speech or ideas for informative speech topics? Visit our informative speech topics for great speech ideas and good quotes for graduation speeches and graduation poems.

While some may be listening to graduation speeches, others will be presenting a farewell speech or writing retirement stories with funny retirement quotes detailing your retirement plans.

So come on, Friends, Romans, Countrymen….find-the-words is the site for you. Visit us for all your speech needs:

letters;  a retirement letter format; speeches; card messages

banners; posters; words for thank you notes; student council speeches;

leadership speeches or even words to thank a teacher.

Words of Wisdom Say it Best! You Do the Rest!

Find The Words How To Say It Best - Ebook For Sale
Find The Words How To Say It Best - Free Universal Sample Speeches And Public Speaking Tips
Ideas for Informative Speeches Listed in a Site Map
Ideas for Informative Speeches and we List informative Speech Topics with a Free Written Speech
Retirement Speeches and Retirement Wishes
Memorable retirement dinner speeches and templates for retirement speeches that are worth their weight in gold.
Welcome Speech Sample for an Elementary or Secondary School
A great welcome speech encourages motivation in education and motivation in the classroom. Your commencement speech builds teacher motivation and the template is easy to use.
School Speech Topics and Speeches for School
School Speech Topics and List Informative Speech Topics for School
Free 21st Birthday Speeches to Celebrate a Magical Milestone
Free 21st Birthday Speeches for Celebratory Words of Wisdom
Leadership Speeches for Universal Speech Topic Ideas that Motivate and Encourage
Leadership Speeches, Templates and Free Samples with Universal Appeal
Thank You Speech and Sample Thank You Speeches
Thank You Speech and Words for Thank You Notes to Personalize
Teacher motivation - how to achieve motivation in the classroom.
Words of wisdom to enhance teacher motivation in the classroom. Speeches for school and sample thank you speeches that can be adapted as an elementary graduation speech.
Sample Introductory Speeches that Honor your Distinguished Speaker.
Your introduction speech works in unity to compliment your speaker. Our sample introductory speeches will do just that!
Wedding Anniversary Verses and Free Anniversary Poems
Wedding anniversary verses, free anniversary poems and your free happy anniversary poem to personalize
Funeral Speeches and How to Write a Eulogy
Funeral speeches and example of eulogy speech for a dignified and fitting memorial
Free Graduation Speeches and a Sample Graduation Speech
Free Graduation Speeches suitable for an Elementary Graduation Speech, High School Graduation Speeches and Principal Graduation Speeches
Free Sample Persuasive Speech and Persuasive Speech Ideas
A free sample persuasive speech and practical motivational words for the work place, home, church or school.
Free Best Man Speeches for Poised and Confident Presentations
Your adaptable template for free best man speeches is easy to use for best man toasts or wedding readings and will leave the guests in awe
Informative Speech Outline and Example of an Informative Speech
Adapt the informative speech outline and sample informative speech to create effective free speeches informative in nature.
Tips on Public Speaking to Enhance your Image
Free tips on public speaking that facilitate effective and confident communication
Free Sample Speeches For All Occasions - Fathers Day Poem
Free Sample Speeches For All Occasions to Celebrate Special Days of the Year with a Free Fathers Day Poem
Get Well Comments - Words Of Wisdom And Get Well Sentiments
Get Well Comments - Get Well Sentiments To Help Them Feel Better
Interesting Speech Topics and Speech Topic Ideas for a Unique Edge
Interesting Speech Topics and Speech Examples for Great Speeches and Creative Flair
Demonstration Speech Topics and Free Demonstration Speech Outline
Demonstration Speech Topics - An Outline and Free Sample Template to Follow
Words of Wisdom Blog
The words of wisdom blog keeps you up to date with all the latest free speeches, wedding speeches and motivational quotes. Subscribe here!
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